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Ana Mendez Polska is an online bookstore of a Polish Publishing House that operates to translate, publish, and promote inspiring Christian materials in Poland. Here, you'll mainly find the Polish translation of books written by Ana Mendez Ferrell and Emerson Ferrell, as well as, their spiritual family.

For more info, contact us: biuro@anamendez.pl

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  • About the website

    This is an online bookstore of INTER GLOBAL Publishing House. We translate, publish, and promote materials of Christian authors - mainly Ana Mendez Ferrell, Emerson Ferrell and their spiritual family.

    You can buy Polish versions of the books and have it easily shipped all over Poland. For international shipment, please, contact us at: biuro@anamendez.pl

  • Ela Świerczyńska

    Born again at the age of 12, Ela has witnesses many incredible examples of the power of God and she ministers to spread the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the power of His blood in Poland.

    She also works as a teacher, translator, and conference interpreter. She's the general supervisor of this website. 

  • Ana Mendez Ferrell

    Ana Méndez Ferrell started her ministry in 1985. Today, she ministers in more than 50 nations, training the army of God to tear down the strongholds of evil and usher in the glory of God. She is a bestselling author and prolific writer with books translated into more than a dozen languages. She earned a doctorate in pastoral education from the University of California. Through Voice of the Light Ministries, she holds conferences worldwide, and has a weekly television show on TBN Latin America. Ana resides in Jacksonville, Florida, with her husband, Emerson Ferrell.

  • Emerson Ferrell

    Emerson’s ministry is formed from years of discipline and intimacy with the Holy Spirit. He operates in spiritual authority from years of fasting forty and fifty days alone with the Lord.

    It has been during those times of separation, which has contributed the most to his understanding of Christ and His Kingdom. 

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